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"Luxe facial treatments curated to give you transformative results. Leaving your skin glowing, lifted and ready to take on the day."

An Instant Glow - Oxygen Infusion  175 

Revive and plump the skin with an infusion of pure oxygen.  

The Intraceuticals Facial utilises Hyperbaric Oxygen to infuse a low molecular weight serum that is full of hyaluronic acids, antioxidants and peptides. These serums will revive, hydrate, lift and plump the skin leaving you with a flawless glow.  After a deep cleanse the oxygen will be applied and completed with anit-againg LED light therapy. 60 mins

 Grind and Shine 100

Microdermabrasion, an exfoliating process that rids the skin of any unwanted purities with the use of a diamond tip wand. The treatment is followed with a customized soothing hydro-jelly algae mask. Leaving your skin more even and bright. 30 mins

 Boss Babe 100

Restore a youthful and healthy glow with a burst of antioxidant power and fruit enzymes. This naturally aromatic treatment drenches skin in 30% vitamin C to stimulate collagen and strengthen elasticity. Buff away dead skin cell build up for a burst of pure nutrition, while repairing sun damage and leaving skin with a brighter and smoother complexion. The ultimate in vitamin C therapy for your skin. 30 mins

miracle Rezenerate 175

Rezenerate combines cutting-edge nanotechnology with high-grade silicon pyramids to boost absorption rate of nourishing serums by up to 10 times. The result? A Rezenerate Facial offers noticeable skin rejuvenation in a quicker amount of time.

An exfoliating and skin brightening Vitamin C enzyme peel is applied followed by a scrub to rid the dead skin and unwanted dirt build up. Renzenerte is then administered with a combination of custom serums to target your skin concerns. Finished up with a cooling mask, LED light therapy, your targeted moisturizer and SPF. 60 mins

Mimosa, caviar & pearl 135

Luxurious and correcting facial routine to restore suppleness, smooth skin texture and reduce signs of aging. 30% Vitamin C peel paired with a cocktail of lactic and glycolic acid. Caviar and marine algae provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. An elegant pearl mask which contains amino acids, peptides and minerals provide an instant skin-lifting and brightening effect. 60 mins

POMEGRANATE, Wine Cooler Peel 135

Refresh and rehydrate your skin with a unique blend of Red wine therapy. An almost edible, natural blend of fruit enzymes, cherry puree, pomegranates and red wine saturates skin a healthy cocktail of anti-oxidants. Increase the vitality of skin with this skin strengthening and smoothing treatment for a more revitalized and rejuvenated complexion. 60 mins

Blueberry-tini peel 135

Repair the signs of aging with the collagen boosting effects of blueberries and red wine age defying enhancers! Skin is saturated with an intoxicating exfoliant blend with natural acids and enzymes blended with a decadent blueberry puree. A luxurious burst of red wine concentrate and noni berries will leave the skin smoother firmer and more hydrated. 60 mins

Salicylic Peel 125

Resurface and refine your skin’s appearance with a powerful blend of salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory wild cherry bark. Your skin will be doubled cleansed and extractions will be performed with ultra sonic skin scrubber. High frequency will help heal existing blemishes and prep skin before the acid peel is performed. An oxygenation serum will calm the skin followed by SPF. This will lighten pigmentation, reduce acne and acne scars. 45 mins

Ultimate Glow 225

This is our ultimate facial that will take your skin to a whole new dimension. It combines microdermabrasion followed by our exclusive Intraceuticals pure oxygen infusion of hyaluronic acid serum, a customized algae mask and then completed with age defying LED light therapy. Leaving the skin exfoliated, hydrated and plumped. 90 mins

Custom Facial 125+++ 

Ask your esthetician what you need . 60 mins 

Add Ons

24K Gold Collagen Mask 75

Collagen Hydro-Jelly Algae Mask 50 

Light Therapy 35

Peel 50

Microdermabrasion 50

Microdermabrasion + Collagen Hydro-Jelly Algae Mask 75


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